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Our Process (Web Development)



First step is to gather all the necessary information for the project. Finding out and research about the client's needs and requirements, define the website purpose, and also put together relevant business goals to start planning for the wireframe.



After gathering and analysing the information, its time to put all together and make a detailed website plan. This clarifies what content to be shown in the website, helping the target audience to navigate the website easily bringing user experience to live.


UI Design

Next up, the User Interface design part where crucial and yet essential design progress is carried out. Discernment of visual elements such as brand colors and logo will be carefully applied to bring out the brand identity on the website.



Putting together design elements and website goals, a prototype which can be any mock-up or demo of what a website will look like when it goes live will be developed for further refinement, and this step usually takes some time to materialise.


user testing

This process occurs during the design process, which the interface and website functions are tested thoroughly. Its objective is to find out the usability, real problems, and to improve the UX before it goes into development.



This includes everything from markup and coding to scripting, network configuration, and CMS development. This is a phase of rigorous, meticulous, and repeated tests to eliminate bugs. We test for functionality, usability, compatibility, performance etc.



After a thorough check on the website and tested it a few times, now comes the exciting part: actually launching it. Upload / publish to a server and we will run one last test to ensure everything is correct. The website is now live to the public.


our client


Some question

How much is a Website?

Every web project is unique and special on its own due to the flexibility in its customisation and also, every client has their own requirements and needs.

Therefore, there is no fixed pricing for each website (a guideline: it can range from $900-$1500 or more). Buzz us to enquire today.

PS: We do not provide web/WordPress or domain hosting, clients are encouraged to purchase them here.

How LONG does it take to build a Website?

The timeframe is subjective and depends on how much customisation is required and involved in the developmental stage, whereby the initial conceptual stage takes about 3-4 working days.

Typical web development process takes about 5 weeks to 7 weeks, depending on the technicality and amount of revision required.

How do i manage my website after it is completed?

Clover Three provides website management for editorial, contents and assets creation. Feel free to check with us regarding the monthly recurring service.

Do i need to learn how to use wordpress?

A basic walkthrough guide to edit/update your website contents will be provided after handing over of website to the client. We provide updating of your newly developed website at an affordable rate.

i need Branding/marketing and ad services

Clover Three offers a comprehensive digital marketing solutions and social media content creation services which comprises of asset creation, campaign management and analytics. Feel free to drop us an email for further discussion on your requirements.

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